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Johan Roos

Dr Johan S Roos, a Specialist Physician with a keen interest in stroke and rehabilitation, endorses rehabilitation at Spescare: “The role of an Occupational Therapist plays in the rehabilitation of stroke patients can never be underestimated. While working with the patient, the OT is able to pick up issues relating to appetite, balance, change in emotions, cognitive functioning, etc as other physical problems. They provide excellent insight into highlighting further recovery processes that could benefit the patient in the long run”.

“Never Underestimate the role OT’s have to play in Stroke Rehabilitation”.

Priscila Da Silva

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our Stroke Rehabilitation Programme is aimed at restoring you to your optimum health after a stroke, and addresses all aspects of your wellbeing; including medical, physical, mental and psychological.

Understanding that a stroke may leave you physically weakened or with varying degrees of paralysis, our first priority is to promote your independent movement. Our services, therefore, vary depending on your condition, but could entail re-learning certain coordination and movement abilities, or finding new ways of performing tasks if the damage is permanent.

If required, rehabilitation will be an on-going process to maintain and refine skills. However, when ready to leave our care, we will ensure a smooth transition so that you can maintain and improve your recovery.

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