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Free health check by Sven Kirchner - Biokineticist

Now offering for a limited time. Come get a free health check done by your biokineticist. This health check will include; blood pressure, height, weight, waist and hip circumference. Furthermore, the biokineticist will give you advice on how to move forward by setting you goals and how to try reach those goals.

90 day weight loss package - Sven Kirchner - Biokineticist

Book your 90 day weight loss package today! This package includes one-on-one sessions with both the biokineticist and dietician. This package will include two 60 minute sessions a week with the biokineiticist as well as one session with the dietician every 30 days. The biokineitcist will track weight loss throughout the 90 days. 

COVID-19 discounted rate - Sven Kirchner - Biokineticist

Book 10 sessions and receive 10% discount on all sport injury and orthopedic rehabilitation.  If you are suffering from any chronic pains such as lower back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain, get in contact with us. These 10 sessions will include an initial assessment, to identify the issue. Followed by 9 sessions of 60 minutes exercise program. The idea of these sessions is to target areas that have been identified in the initial assessment as weakness.