Therapeutic Massage
& Nutrition Therapist


Priscila Webb

As a qualified Therapeutic Massage and Nutrition Therapist, Priscila brings to the practice a passion for health and well-being and recognizes the impact that lifestyle choices have on an individuals journey to comprehensive health and healing.

She seeks to use her training and experience in these areas to help her patients and clients overcome the obstacles in their path to personal wellness. She is passionate about the impact that lifestyle and dietary choices have on digestive well-being and ultimately on brain health and function. She takes out the guesswork and simplifies the process so you can just get on board.

If this is you and you ready to thrive, Priscila is the person to see. Click here for directions to Truwellness Centre.

Priscila Da Silva

Food is Medicine!

In the stressful modern day, where time is a luxury and so many things clamber for our attention, our health has taken a back seat. We have become overweight, carry lots of muscle tension, live with lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, struggle with our emotions, and our brains just can’t seem to focus or think clearly.

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