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Why choose Iridology above western medicine? 

Tired of tests and scopes and medication on medication. Let’s filter through the symptoms and get to the real cause of the problem, through Iridology, which is a non-invasive diagnostic tool which is chosen as an alternative and or complementary service to western medicine.

10 Reasons why you should book a consultation with an iridologist?

Stomach problems like IBS, Crohn’s Disease, constipation and or diarrhea

We will be able to see in what state your gut is in and if there is too much bad bacteria or dysbiosis and fungus causing problems in the gut area.  Along with being able to see if there is a leak or tear in the gut lining, one of the few places where  this can be identified. 


Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, and itchiness

Skin problems most always come from a disturbance in the gut with the biggest elimination organ, the skin, trying desperately hard to push toxins out causing us rashes, eczema and psoriasis.  Itchiness may also be from parasites which need to be controlled.

Anxiety and depression, panic attacks

Anxiety and depression, panic attacks – all linked to toxins in the brain and the gut being toxic, not allowing the correct hormones like your happy hormone, Serotonin, to be produced properly.


Inflammation – we will be able to see where the inflammation is and where it is coming from, mostly the gut and acidity and suggest protocols and supplements that may be able to assist you. 

Acidity, gout, sore joints

Acidity, gout, sore joints are all signs that the body is out of balance.
We can see very easily in Iridology if your body is acidic, and if it is, there will be obvious inflammation markers.  We will then be able to see how we will be able to assist you. 

Genetic Colour

The colour of yours eye determines what genetic weakness you may be susceptible to. For instance a blue iris is referred to as a lymphatic eye as it has weaknesses in the ability to remove toxins from the body.
The weaknesses will show up in the elimination organs being the kings, kidneys and skin

Nervous System

We will be able to have a look at your nervous system and see how you relate to stress or if you don’t handle it well. How your body relates to it.
We will also be able to see if you have inherited weaknesses from your maternal or paternal side which is always interesting to see how one can help your body to avoid issues that your parent has.

Health of Organs

We can see the health of your organs and if there is an organ under stress we can determine what to do to help the body. For instance if there are is inflammation and pigmentation in the liver area we will see where this is coming from (endocrine system or gut) and perhaps advise on a detox program or parasite cleanse and the beneficial foods that will help

Diagnostic Tool

Iridology is a non invasive diagnostic tool that a practitioner can use and with her experience she can put together recommendations of diet or supplements or even lifestyle that will assist the patient going forward

Fundamental Goals

The fundamental goal of Iridology is prevention of serious degenerative processes by recommending nutritional, mechanical (chiropractic), spiritual and emotional support in a truly holistic way.

What to expect during a consultation!

 The appointment is 1hour long.  Any follow up appointments are done in 3-month intervals to check the progress on changes or supplementation given and then again at 6 months, as the iris takes that long to show any signs of changes in the body. The patient will then receive a breakdown and summary of what was discussed in the consultation with the relevant recommendations and plan for their way forward.

Constitution of the iris

Brown Iris

A brown iris is a constitution you are born with and means that there are certain genetic weaknesses that the body may be inclined to.  For instance endocrine disorders, digestion weaknesses, dysbiosis, assimilation problems.  

Mixed Iris

A mixed iris is a constitution you are born with and means that there are certain genetic weaknesses that the body may be inclined to.  For instance poor digestion, blood sugar imbalances, leaky gut as well as headaches. 

Blue Iris

A blue iris is a constitution you are born with and means that there are certain genetic weaknesses that the body may be inclined to.  For instance toxin build up in the lymph system as well as weaknesses in the kidneys and skin, being the elimination organs of the body.


About me

Laura Primic is an Iridologist and Healthcare Practitioner by profession.  Iridology is the science of studying and analyzing the iris and helps individuals gain valuable insight into their weaknesses and inherited dispositions and can link health issues to the origin, making it a valuable diagnostic tool.

Laura has always been passionate about health and wellbeing and previously ran a homeopathic and herbal medication practice treating a wide variety of health issues from depression to auto-immune disease.  Her journey into being a Healthcare Professional really began with her husband’s year- long illness that left him debilitated and undiagnosed, and her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.  Laura decided she needed a more scientific diagnostic skillset and wanted a better understanding of what was causing disease rather than treating symptoms. 

After 3 years of intensive training, Laura graduated with an Advanced Iridology diploma from the South African Institute of Iridology.  She uses her training alongside her wealth of knowledge on natural ingredients to treat her patients in a holistic manner, helping them on their journey to regain full health and wellbeing.

 In addition to her iridology and herbal medication training, Laura is also a Hulda Clark practitioner focusing on parasite links to cancer, a Reiki Master and a practitioner and teacher of Chakra balancing and alignment.

Whilst treating patients in her iridology practice, Laura says she noticed patients would see her who were suffering from similar conditions, for example eczema, stomach pain, hormone imbalance, auto immune, and Aids.  This offered her an opportunity to research the products available on the market and was the start of her journey to finding the purest most health-giving natural medications and supplements available.

After years of research into countless products she has finally found the ones, she believes in, supports and can 100% recommend to her patients.  These products are pure, natural, and organic, and can help protect against environmental toxins, additives, flavorings, and preservatives that not only counteract the health-giving elements of a supplement but also contribute to disease in the body. 

 Giving people the power to know what they are putting into their bodies and bringing into their homes is key in the journey to full health. 

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