Gary Miller

Gary is a qualified biokineticist and sports scientist, having graduated from the University of Pretoria – BA HMS (Hons) Sports Science and Biokinetics – and obtaining the BASA award for best biokinetics student in 2015. For the past few years, he has been working at the university’s High-Performance Centre and in a private practice in Pretoria.

Now Gary works as a biokineticist in Somerset West, serving the greater Helderberg region, and is available for home visits should you be unable to visit the practice. In his spare time,  Gary loves running, hiking and exploring the surroundings and is also an avid sports fan.

Taking a client-centric, balanced and conservative approach in his sessions – he is passionate about empowering his clients in their rehabilitation and training journeys. We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your goals. Let’s make it happen!

Priscila Da Silva

Bio + Kinetics = Life + Movement

Using the philosophy of “life through movement”, a biokineticist is an allied health professional and exercise specialist registered with the HPCSA.

A biokineticist prescribes scientific-based physical activity programmes to promote overall health and quality of life, maintain physical abilities and carry out final-phase physical rehabilitation.

People of all ages and walks of life, special population groups and athletes can all benefit from biokinetics sessions, which are fully customised to your individual needs and goals.

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