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My coaching programs are customised to your specific goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ re doing a 5km run or a 200km cycle tour, we’re here to help you reach your utmost fitness level for your specific goal.

Through an app called Training Peaks, I use your stats of the week to create your next week’s training program.

Weekly training program according to your fitness level and date of goal.

Alex Krebs – Testimonial

As a relatively inexperienced athlete I joined Step Up Sport in January 2016 to realize a new years resolution of completing a 70.3 Half Ironman in 2017. I had little knowledge of my own potential at this time and decided to partake in triathlons as a way to increase my social circle, meet new people and get fit at the same time. A small cycling background helped me find traction in the sport but swimming and running was far outside of my comfort zone. Andre slowly guided the process and allowed me to discover my own interest in the sport. As an engineer I love seeing progression, and you won’t see progress quicker anywhere else than with consistent training on a personalized Step Up Sport Program. After less than 2 months of training I braved the Xterra Lite course which opened my eyes to the world of multi-sport thinking to myself “heck these people are tough”. By September I became that tough guy and toed the line at the MiWay Cape Ultra. At this point I knew what I enjoyed and took part at the Durban 70.3 Half Ironman to tock the new year’s resolution set a year and a half ago, I finished in a time of 5:01… The trend continued with consistent training and constant improvement I managed to race a sub 5 hour East London 70.3 in January 2018 which granted me a spot at the 2018 Half Ironman World Championships. Within 2 year I’ve been selected to represent the Western Province team as well as given the opportunity to partake in the Cross Triathlon world championships and Xterra world championships.


Sport specific conditioning

Sports conditioning is a very important part of any sportsman and sportswoman’s training.  It asks for a whole year commitment, dedication and hard work.  Sports conditioning usually includes a pre-season, in-season, and off season program.  Once my athletes have reached our fitness goals we will start with advanced exercise to help maximize their performance in their specific sport. 



Individual training


Small group training


Triathlon training


Road- and trail running


Road- and MTB cycling


Weekly coaching programs


Weight management


Focused muscle training


SA Triathlete
(Olympic distance, Xterra off-road)

Qualified for multiple World Championships
and competed at 4 World Championships

Provincial colours for 4 sport disciplines
namely swimming, biathlon, duathlon and

6 x Ironman finisher

10 x Ironman 70.3 finisher

Cape Pioneer Trek finisher

Multiple Wines2Whales finishes

Expedition Africa 2019 finisher
(World Series Adventure Racing)

Why me?

I believe in personal service, customers become family. I make an extra effort to guide my clients in the direction of their goals. When you want to ride on a weekend, you get to ask the group who wants to go with you.  With my in-depth knowledge about different sport disciplines, you’ll always get quality tips and tricks to better yourself.

Personal Training

I manage the Truwellness Centre Gym in Somerset West. It is also here where you will be able to have your personal training sessions with him. The great thing about training at the Truwellness Centre Gym is, you don’t have any monthly membership fees. When you’ve booked your personal training sessions, you only pay for that. No extra fees per month!

 Etienne van Wyk – Testimonial

Having only started participating in triathlon a couple of months before I joined Step Up Sport, I had the need to get more individualized guidance and coaching to reach my full potential in the sport. In Andre I found not only a coach that is a seasoned international athlete who is truly familiar with what it takes to compete in this demanding sport, but also a well-qualified coach that was able to combine the basic theories of coaching with the practical realities and requirements of the individual athlete.  The fact that he is still racing himself adds so much credibility to his very personal and caring approach.  The true vindication of his approach, is the incredible success of his athletes with repeated top placings, podium positions and qualifications for World Championships. Apart from the coaching, the athletes within the Step Up Sport training group provide an environment of kameraderie and motivation which resembles that of a family. Group training sessions, shared advice and tips, lively discussions all contribute to this.


Christina Krebs – Testimonial

I never run more than a couple meters without walking since I am 20 years old. About six years ago I read an article in a runners magazine where they gave some tips how to start running. I tried it out which lead eventually to a 5 km run. But then I got stuck. In January 2017 (just turned 51) I started training with Andre Brand. I shared with him my dream to possibly be able to run and survive a half marathon. For him it was a given that I would be able to achieve this. For me with seriously low body confidence I could not possibly imagine how to do this. So I decided to shut my brain off and just follow the program. Only 4 month later I ran the Safari, my first half marathon in Wellington, followed by the Gun Run half in October, 30 km Bay to Bay in January 2018 and the OTOM 21km now in April. In the mean time I entered the Cape Town Marathon in September 2018.

Sport Massage

I started my sports massage career in 2003 and today it’s one of the three main focuses of my business.

Together with coaching and personal training, comes the maintenance of your muscles. You need to rest, stretch and look after your body.

A sports massage helps with good blood flow, preventing injuries, loosening muscles and maintaining a healthy balance between training hard and giving your body a rest.

The wide variety of exposure to different athletes and their backgrounds have given me a big advantage when treating his clients.

Dedicated to bring the best our of each athlete

A team that trains together sticks together

Rest assure that you will never be left behind.

We have your back.

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