Hi I'm Unéne Duke

I am your personal trainer


I offer an array of services to help you get fit and reach your goal.

Functional Training

Movement and exercises which involves training the body for activities performed in daily life

Sports Conditioning

Exercise prescription specifically, but not limited to improve performance of athletes

Weight Loss

The decrease of body-fat percentage

Resistance Training

Exercising the muscles of the body using an opposing force i.e. Dumbbells or resistance bandscontent goes here. 

Pre and Post Natal Training

Specific exercise prescription before and after pregnancy

Aquatics and rehabilitation

Exercises performed in water. It’s low impact taking pressure off bones and muscles. Great for individuals wanting to exercise after injury or trauma

Geriatric training

Specific exercises for older individuals wanting to improve their health and fitness. Neutralizing the effects of old age on muscles and bones





  • One on One Training 30min
  • One on One Training 45 min
  • Partner training (2 people) 30 min
  • Partner training (2 People) 45 min
  • Small group training (2-6 people) 30 min
  • Small group training (2-6 people) 45 min

Online Coaching

Who is this for?

  • Do you already have your own gym membership and are looking for a more affordable means to access professional training services?
  • Are you too busy with work and family commitments to commit to regular appointments with a trainer?
  • Do you have enough self-discipline and motivation to train on your own?
  • Do you travel a lot?

If you answered yes to any of these I can help you!


How does it work?

Through an easy to use workout plan you get access to me your fitness professional at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of one on one, face to face training and consultations.

You can train on your own, in your own time, at your own gym with flexible times that don’t revolve around booked appointments.        You have access to your own personalized training plans, viewable anytime anywhere.

I adjust your program every three weeks and help with nutritional advice and guidance.

Staying accountable to someone really helps achieve goals in the long term.

About me

Personal Trainer and Sports-conditioning coach, Unéne Duke has been an exercise specialist for more than 10 Years. Unéne completed her studies at the University of Stellenbosch obtaining her degree in Sport-science and Business Management. Having a special interest in fitness and helping people.

She started her career at South Africa’s biggest Health and Lifestyle group Virgin Active. Working in both the Group Exercise and Fitness Departments, her focus shifted to Personal Trainer development. Marketing and developing Personal Trainers’ businesses in 9 clubs across the Western Cape.

In 2010 needing a new challenge, she started Personal Training at her home town, Somerset West.

Her training philosophy has always been to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Pursuing better quality of life by being stronger, increasing mobility and ultimately feeling good.

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