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Karen Harrison

Karen Harrison from Ozone Life is originally from Mpumalanga and has been working in the food industry for the past 10 years. Before moving to Somerset West, Karen went through some very testing times. She was constantly feeling very tired and had little to no energy most days and nothing seemed to be working. When she went to see the doctor about it, they discovered a tumour and had to act quickly.

During the recovery period, Karen sought out many people and different types of therapy to help her situation. She discovered Ozone therapy for herself and became intrigued with the whole process and the benefits thereof. After a successful recovery, Karen decided to dive deeper and do her own research to find out as much as she could about Ozone therapy so she could help other people in similar situations.

Aside from being a super mom, Karen now offers Ozone therapy from her home in Somerset West when she has spare time and she specializes in 3 particular therapies – Ozone, Bio-Resonance and Far-Infrared Therapy.

If you have similar symptoms and would like to find out more, get in touch with Karen today.

Karen Harrison


Our modern lifestyles, poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, environmental pollution, high consumption of pesticides in food, and the stress of daily life, place unhealthy burdens on the body, making it difficult for the body to perform its natural functions efficiently.

This overload eventually manifests itself as disease, fatigue, neurological problems and even accelerates ageing.

Detoxing with the ozone detox pod cleanses the body of these accumulated toxins and allows the body to restore its functions optimally to maintain good health.

How does it work?

A 3-way treatment utilising ozone, infrared and resonance to enhance the body’s healing powers through oxygenation and detoxification.

The ozone detox pod treatment is one of the most pleasant and least invasive ways to use ozone and is performed while the person sits in a portable cabinet with their head exposed.

WHAT are the benefits?

General benefits include but are not limited to improved circulation, tissue oxygenation, improved healing, pain relief, anti-ageing, enhanced metabolism, cellulite eradication and muscle toning.

Conflicting Conditions 

Heart Condition 

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