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Lizeli Olivier

I am an Occupational Therapist. I spent 10 years working in the United Kingdom, supporting Injured British Soldiers in their recovery and return to work. Gaining experience dealing with long-term Neurological conditions, managing their recovery both within a rehabilitation centre setting and at home.

I enjoy the challenge of helping individuals reach their potential in occupation and helping them reshape their lives. I believe in community and I work together to establish a supportive network of services for my clients. I am of the view that participation and purpose contribute to our health. We need some adventure and activity, we need family and friends, spirituality, music, good food and work.

Although WORK can look different for each person, we are all created to contribute to society or family in some way. Finding THAT for each person, makes my journey worthwhile. And along the way, our lives are shaped into something which we could not even imagine.

Priscila Da Silva
Priscila Da Silva


Based in the town of Stellenbosch, we offer home based support or evaluations services at our therapy rooms, to meet the needs of our clients. Experience gained from navigating health services internationally, we know that service options can feel spars and support lacking.

Here we understand that recovering from any debilitating illness or injury requires GRIT. Rehabilitation is hard. It requires sacrifice and determination. It demands the alteration of your life view and often previous dreams. We offer tailored packages of care to meet the needs of clients and their families, providing the right amount of support at the right time. Additionally, we provide clinical experts to perform tailored needs evaluations, home-based intervention, care coordination, and a liaison service, to ensure that all recovery needs are addressed.

When you are ready to return to work, we assist in the transition. Staying one step ahead, assessing your capacity, preparing and educating you, equipping you to manage this transition with ease.

Case Management | Functional Capacity Evaluation | Rehabilitation | Medico Legal reporting

“I have worked with diverse populations with minimal resources and societal barriers, contributing to my solution focussed approach to rehabilitation. I qualified from Stellenbosch University as an OT and have since completed additional training in my field of interest, at the University of South Africa in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and in clinical leadership at Leeds University.

I have expanded my skills in Vocational Rehabilitation, supporting soldiers in both; return to military occupations and civilian transition. Through the provision of vocational counselling, support and Psychometric profiling, I have assisted clients in returning to purposeful occupation and adapting to challenges, following significant injuries. During this time, I also practised as Case Manager, assessing for rehabilitation needs and coordinating recovery of claimants with ABIs, orthopaedic and mental health conditions. I am fascinated by the reaction to change on both an individual and organisational level and get a great sense of satisfaction in facilitating and influencing positive growth.”

Priscila Da Silva

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