Rafiq Lockhat | M.A. Clinical Psychologist)

Specializes in trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, sexual dysfunctions (non-organic), depression, grief. Anxiety around disease treatment and other medical procedures, sports performance anxiety and self-esteem issues.


Liezl Compion | BSc Dietetics

So many patients who have tried the normal route of losing weight and becoming healthy, and I discovered that only those who truly become free from weight problems and disease are the ones who discover their true identity and change from the inside out.

Laura PrimicIridologist

Laura Primic is an Iridologist and Healthcare Practitioner by profession.  Iridology is the science of studying and analysing the iris and helps individuals gain valuable insight into their weaknesses and inherited dispositions and can link health issues to the origin, making it a valuable diagnostic tool.

André Brand | Personal trainer, sports coach and massage therapist

André has worked in, and managed, numerous VIP gyms around the globe. This gives him quite an extensive range of experience and his clients can testify according to this fact. He gives quality guidance and personal support to each client. Being a pro athlete himself, he knows the ins and outs of various sport disciplines and can guide any individual to reach his or her goal.

Sven Kirchner| (BSc Hons Biokineticist)

Sven comes from an orthopedic and high-performance background. He has both local and international experience in sport injury rehabilitation and high-performance training in rugby, hockey, soccer and golf.

 His special interests lie with sport injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management and high-performance training.

Dolf Du Plessis | Wellness coach

By virtue of “living it and doing it” I have gained a fundamental understanding of health and wellness, with over 40 years experience. At the age of 60 my body is in the best condition it has ever been. Lower body fat (10 %) and more muscle mass than 40 years ago. As a highly motivated and results-orientated practitioner of healthy living, I am driven by the passion to help people to improve their quality of life.