Eye Gym


Dr Sherylle Calder  

EyeGym is an online Visual Intelligence Training program. It’s for anyone that wants to enhance their performance by making faster and better decisions.

 “Eye train my brain to see more, read faster, decide faster and act quicker by developing my mental stamina.”

To date hundreds of elite sports people, industry leaders and top performers have trusted EyeGym to improve their performance, enhance their skills and boost their career.

See more – Visual awareness by training your brain to be aware of everything in your field of vision

Read faster – Eye tracking by training your eyes to improve reading and the ability to lock onto a moving object

Decide smarter – Decision making to train your brain to evaluate more options faster in order to make the best decision

Act quicker – Reaction time by training your body to react faster to signals from the brain



Proven science


Research driven


International success


For everyone


Athletes, students etc.


“It’s been scientifically proven that EyeGym has a very positive effect on sporting performance. Dr Calder has a remarkable ability in this area, unmatched by anyone else I know.”

Prof. Tim Noakes

Dr Calder and I  were right on track from the first time we actually spent time together. I felt if I stuck with her golf-specific training, things would only get better, and that’s the way it turned out. EyeGym locks me in, helps me block things out. It’s improved my distance control, and I read the greens better.”


“Eyegym has been a significant part of my coaching programme at Japan and England. The ability to catch, pass support in small space and little time has been enhanced by the use of Eyegym. I recommend it very highly”


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