After trying to find information for a patient to be tested, we realised that it is really challenging to find out where to go and who can help you, and to find the correct numbers to call.  We found the numbers on News 24 site are not operational. 

After doing this exercise this morning here is where to find valid information, if you need to go and get tested…

  1. The number to call for information as to where to get tested is 0800 111 132
  2. The site to go onto to do the assessment which will tell you whether you need to go and get tested is

 I personally called this number and they were super helpful and said you can go to any emergency facility at a hospital (government or private) and ask for the swab to be done as a public person and or private. 
She said if you have medical aid then it will be covered too.  This would depend on what medical aid you are on or what savings one has. 

Dischem is also doing drive through testing and here is the link for that, unfortunately Somerset West does not feature on the list but for others it is worthwhile. 

We hope this is helpful , please share this information with anyone who needs to know what to do and where to go.