Getting back to our new year’s resolution topic.

Here is an interesting view to consider if you have new year’s resolutions.

“You shouldn’t believe that there are these tricks to behaviour change that are beyond to what you’re intuition can lead you to. If you are clear about what you care about and be willing to experiment and not give up the first time that is doesn’t go as planned. Then you are already halfway there.”

Kelly McGonigal a health psychologist and lecturer at the Standford University and she specializes in understanding the mind-body connection. She is a pioneer in the field of ‘science-help,’ translating insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies that support personal well-being and community connection.

Listen to this amazing podcast where she discusses her latest work with Rich Roll. The Joy of Movement. It’s an evidence-based primer on how movement can serve as an antidote to depression, anxiety, and loneliness — the modern epidemics of our time.

Movement is fundamental to being human. It gives us what we seek most — happiness, hope, connection, and courage.

“Movement Is how your brain knows you are alive and engaged in life and when you move regularly your brain says I guess we have to be the best version of ourselves because we are in this thing called life

“This is how we should frame movement, that it’s something you can choose to do. To powerfully influence your mental health and your resilience. Every time you move you’re doing that. There is a form of movement meant for everyone. No matter what body you’re in or no matter what your past experience is, there is a way that moving your body will give you access to something that you want. Whether it’s social connection, hope, or a different sense of yourself”.

Listen to the rest of the discussion on the podcast